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I’m NOT a medical doctor. I’m NOT an authority on aging or anti-aging. I’m an attractive woman of a “certain age” fed up with the society’s perception of aging and a consumer frustrated with the anti-aging industry. Knowing that the toughest experiences are those one has to endure alone, I created this blog for mature women to share my experiences and conclusions with. Let’s face it, as upset as I am with aging, I know that I’m not the first one or the last one to confront this issue.

I’ll share my fight with aging with you (other mature women) and welcome your thoughts, comments and questions along the way. With the brief intro out of the way, here we go:

For Mature Women BlogConsider the seasons: Spring is immature; Summer is hot and labor-intensive, Autumn is the season of harvest: the time to reflect and cash in. Maturity (without the handicaps of aging!) is beautiful. That’s the age of wisdom, self-confidence, power and available resources.
It would be the greatest thing since sliced bread, if the advantages of maturity were accompanied by the health and appearance we’ve had in our… 30s. Unfortunately, disillusionment is a part of maturity as well. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and believe it or not: I’VE GOTTEN OVER IT!

“The trick is growing up without growing old.” Casey Stengel

I’m eager to share with you all I’ve learned and am still learning about anti-aging and aging well. That’s why For Mature Women blog reflects on aging and explores natural anti-aging ideas. Just to make things more interesting, you’ll find here also Anti-Aging Books and Anti-Aging Products.


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Navigate the pages of For Mature Women blog and chances are that you too will feel young, look great, have boundless energy and approach the next chapter of your life with unbridled enthusiasm. It is GREAT to have the wisdom of maturity while enjoying the appearance and stamina of someone half your age. That’s my message to – and for – mature women: don’t fade into the background, enjoy maturity: you earned it!

Aging is a process. You are not going through it alone. There is no reason to surrender to it. There is no reason to stay silent: you’re welcome to comment and share your experiences with aging.

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